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Embedded Linux fast boot on TI Jacinto 5

Our products


Steelrat - a unified embedded Linux for all devices

Steelrat is Nomovok's multi-purpose operating system based on Linux. It was created after realizing that in most embedded systems that we build for our customers, the requirements for the base platform are very similar, if not the same. We wanted to prevent reinventing the wheel. Thus, Steelrat was born.



Car Industry

Open source makes software development for vehicles more cost-efficient. Our core competence in this field is full system integration - we know how to make devices work together flawlessly. We also offer top-quality optimization services to make our customer's systems boot and work faster, consume less power and be more safe and user-friendly.

 Internet of Things

In the IOT field our goal is to provide intelligent and secure solutions for our customers. Whether it is a sensor network, connected devices or a smart home project, we can offer the best knowledge in every step on the way, from planning to product release.

Mobile / Telecom

Since the beginning of the century, we have created multiple products based on Open Source. Our role has varied from the main integrator to more consultative role and we master the whole product lifecycle. We understand what it really means to build a product based on open technologies and we are the right partner for companies wanting to make sure they get all the benefits of Open Source.


Nomovok launches QML Compiler Open Source project - Jul 22, 2014

Helsinki, Finland (July 22, 2014) – Nomovok Ltd. is happy to announce that it has launched QML Compiler Open Source project at https://github.com/qmlc.

QML Compiler can be used to convert QML source code files into precompiled QML files. The precompiled QML files are faster to load and do not expose the source code. Normally, Qt either compiles the QML files in the startup or interprets the QML files runtime.

QML uses the JIT compiler shipped with Qt to create precompiled files. It works the similar way as Qt when using JIT, but the JIT compilation step is performed already when the program launches. The loader is used to load precompiled files and to link them into QML Engine.

The compiler is created by creating a new version of the QML compilation framework, which is built-in in Qt. The class QQmlTypeCompiler, which is the core class handling the compilation, is taken as a base for the compiler. Some of its dependencies are exported on Qt and some of the dependencies are rewritten, due to need for modifications.

The compiler, loader and examples are all based on Qt source code. They are licensed under LGPL 2.1 (with Digia Qt LGPL exception 1.1) or BSD license. See the source code files for license. Collectively this component can be used under terms of LGPL 2.1 with Digia Qt LGPL exception 1.1. 

Nomovok warmly welcomes everyone to contribute code, ideas and documentation!

Nomovok is a leading expert in building and integrating embedded Linux systems and connecting customers to the cloud. We have more than 10 years of experience in Open Source deployments and most recently we have focused on delivering complete software solutions for products on tablets, handsets and IVI segments. We employ 60 OSS experts globally and have additional 300 experts available through selected OSS partners. We are privately held company, registered in Helsinki, Finland. Our offices are located in Finland and China. More information from www.nomovok.com.

More information: Mikko Hurskainen, Nomovok Ltd., mikko.hurskainen@nomovok.com

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Telematics Munich 10.-11.11.2014


Taste of success: Renesas Mobile, Connected Cars


We created an IVI demo/concept setup to Renesas Mobile showcasing their automotive SoC reference board and leading edge high-speed LTE connectivity solution.

IVI demo consists of dual-screen setup running QT and HTML5 applications on the reference board. Reference board is also connected to a "communication hub" that allows various connectivity options and concepts to be demoed. IVI applications implemented include an application home screen, browser, media player for local and streaming audio and video, online map service access, weather service and others.

IVI/LTE demo/concept has been demoed by the customer in both major automotive and mobile business trade shows, such as MWC 2013.

In over 10 years of operation, NOMOVOK has delivered over 450 projects to customers around the world. See all the references here.



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